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Rounding Rap

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Practice how to round!
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  • 2:33 Dividing Fractions! Remember to Keep Change Flip!

    Uploaded Sep 15, 2016 to 6th Grade
  • 00:18 POP-SEE-KO (Brain Break Activity) - Block A Students

    The students did so well in today's math lesson. They were focused, engaged, and all were participating in the discussion about converting fractional customary measurements! One very fun activity that the students really enjoy doing is GoNoodle! GoNoodle is a fun program that allows students to get up, get moving, and get energized as they take a quick 3-min Brain Break! See my A-Block students doing the Pop-See-Ko activity with the Koo Koo Kanga brothers! =)

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  • 1:35 Rounding Rap

    Listen to learn a strategy to help you round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100!

    Uploaded Aug 26, 2014
  • 1:39 Prefrontal Cortex Song By Andresha, Naomi, & Kawehi

    Andresha, Naomi, and Kawehi created and presented their song project about the Prefrontal Cortex to the tune of Bruno Mars' Count On Me.

    Song Lyrics:
    Learning, reasoning, and thinking
    Center of the brain
    It controls our decision-making and helps us to focus
    It is how we learn, read, predict, understand, and interpret things

    They earned a 100% score for their originality and creativity!
    Beautiful job young ladies!

    Uploaded Aug 24, 2015 to 6th Grade
  • 3:54 Ratio Song Performance

    Students did a great job sharing with the entire school their Ratios Song! This song will help us remember everything we've learned so far about ratios, fractions, proportions, and unit rates! Congrats on a job well done class!

    Uploaded Oct 15, 2015 to 6th Grade

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